14 December 2012

Ice cream in a roll at Pantai Puteri

Roti Aiskrim di Pantai Puteri, Melaka
Yummy ice-cream in a roll

TG KLING - There is more than just beach activities like angling along Puteri Beach or Pantai Puteri which is situated the north western district of Melaka less 10 km from the heart of Melaka World Heritage City.

One indulgence that most people overlook is eating ice-cream in roll along the beach that is being sold by the ice-cream vendors on motorcycles. You be notified of their arrival by the hooting their vehicle horns.

According to regular Pantai Puteri beach goer, Jana the ice really goes well in the hotdog roll it.

It's real yummy, creamy ice cream especially on a hot day and each time I think about it makes me want to indulge on right away,” she told!!

Melaka World Heritage City @gotomelaka.blogspot.com

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