16 November 2011

Great food, good deed and free souvenir Animal shelter seeks restaurants for charity programme

MELAKA CITY - Melaka only registered animal shelter in Melaka, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (SPCA Melaka) is seeking restaurateurs as partners in its East Meets West, Dine to Donate Charity Drive (EMWDD) 2011.

Its Chairman Vincent Low said the society is looking for restaurants which are to willing to part of its shelter in Semabok.

“We spend an average of RM10,000 per month feeding, housing and providing veterinary care for the animals in our shelter in Semabok,” she added.

Those restaurants partnering with charity drive will be given a certificate of appreciation as well as the quest per table will be give a souvenir pen from SPCA Melaka. Local celebrities may be roped in the making the dine to donate programe a success.

For more information about this programme kindly  call Low on 019-6631407 . SPCA Melaka is the only organization in Melaka dedicated to animal welfare as well as the only animal shelter in Melaka. The shelter currently contain over 200 animal, including cats, dogs, ducks, and chicken and its mission include campaigning against cruelty to animal, providing a temporary shelter to animals in need, finding a home for these animal under an adoption programme and helping to change present laws towards clearer guidelines for animal welfare.

Set up in 1990, SPCA Melaka  is a non profit organization maintained by devoted members who are whole heartedly keen on furthering the cause of promoting active kindness to all animals great and small. Donations to SPCA Melaka are Tax-exempt .

Three-legged cat of SPCA Melaka… :(

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